Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Month #4

I wanted to wait until the 21st to write our monthly update, but things are going so well....and next week is going to be StUPiD busy....that I wanted to do it now.

We have forward motion! Anna is preferring to crawl combat style on the floor. She's using only her upper body to pull forward. She kicks her legs at random when she gets really excited, but they're not really serving a propulsion purpose right now. She still wants to stand, and tries to sit up on her own when she rolls over on her side. She can pull up on the crib bumper to sit when she wants to. She's also trying to talk more. Mostly the same words, over and over. She'll get cranked up and start naming everyone in the family, saying, "Mama, dada, baba, papa, nana" until something else gets her attention.

Addie has learned how to climb up on the furniture. Everything is a summit to be achieved, which has wound up into a couple of various bruises and distressed cries coming from the bedroom as she is trying to figure out how to climb out of the crib. She says some of the family names, too. In the line of new words, we hear "ball" and "Jack", her favorite TV character, and I think she has learned "Stop!" That's what it sounds like. She's heard it often enough to know. She's getting a little bossy, and has assumed the role of Anna's babysitter. She is always bringing Anna a bottle or a goldfish. Well, don't "awwww" too soon, because her other full-time job is taking away any toy that we pull out for Anna to use for therapy or interactive play. Twenty-month olds just don't understand: "You'll get a turn in a minute". And that familiar line of, "You've got one just like it in your hands," just doesn't cut it.

The things we're hoping for now are the things that all parents wish their kids would learn - to be caring, to be healthy emotionally, socially, mentally, physically, and to lead them to spiritual knowledge and growth. Now that we are firmly entrenched into our daily routine, with few nightly interruptions, Joe and I have added a Bible devotion and prayer song to our going to bed time. We don't always have Addie's attention, but when we do, she sits in my lap, runs her finger over the page along with mine, and babbles her own version of the story that I'm telling. They smile and bounce their heads with the song, and then everyone gets a hug and a kiss, and it's lights out. It has been good for Joe and I to share this time with them and with each other.

So as to my quest for balance, the Lord has answered that too. We moved a few things around the house to make the bonus room over the garage more conducive for a quiet time, I arranged my morning routine to make time for it, and I started my running program - finally. Since the girls' routine is so firm, it was easy to make 8:30pm my running time. I turn on the security lights outside, and run my mom's long driveway in the dim light.

It's peaceful.
It smells like honeysuckle.
It makes me happy.
It motivates me to run even when it's raining, which I have done twice now.

I'm redoing the third week of training now, given the fact that last week's shocker of the fire threw off everyone's routine. I've lost 11 pounds, my knees quit hurting, my asthma hasn't been an issue, and although each new distance or time benchmark intimidates me all over again, I know I can do it. I just got to the point in both my physical and spiritual life where I knew I was getting lazy and making excuses. I jump from idea to idea, even in my sometimes spastic prayers, to the point that I had to really kick my own butt during week two when the distances got longer. "Come on, now. Just finish something you committed to. Don't take the easy way out." So, I'm still here. I have three more weeks and I should be up to the 5K.

And we'll save that for the next update.

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