Monday, April 11, 2011

Fires and Revival...

To be honest, I expected to see a lot of new faces at church yesterday. But I was happy to see the "home folks", with maybe some of their children who had moved off coming to check in on the situation. Worship was very lively, as beauty continues to rise from the ashes. But as our pastor challenged us, we can't waste this opportunity. And we also shouldn't attempt to steal God's glory by making it about us.

In the early chapters of Leviticus, Aaron and his sons are being sanctified for their priestly ministry. Then they officiate their first sacrifice and worship service. God responds by sending fire to show his acceptance of their priestly offering. And Aaron's sons try to catch God's fire. Instead, in that one man-centered act, they catch God's wrath instead.

This serves as a warning to me. Every time I offer up my opinion about what I think the next building should look like and how it should function, and how fast we ought to get moving, I have to stop and ask myself, "Am I trying to steal God's glory, to catch and reign in His fire?"

But still....the questions are being asked. Knees are bending. Hearts are humbling. Revival is coming.

I hope.

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