Tuesday, May 4, 2010

God of the "How Come"

Kids are full of questions. They are compelled to ask them out loud, at the worst possible times. I wonder how any of them sit through a movie anymore. I don't remember being this way, but I'm sure I was. Last week I showed a video about pianist, Franz Liszt. One part of the story has a huge cliffhanger. The kids couldn't sit and watch and wait to see what happens next. They wanted to know right then.

"Did he run away?" "Is he stealing?" "What is that?" "What's he trying to do?" "Is that soap?"

I asked them - Haven't you ever watched a movie before? Do you have to see it from end to beginning in order to enjoy it? Can't you just watch and let it unfold for you without having to know or understand what's going to happen? Be surprised!

...Oh, yeah. You can see where this is going!...

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but I need to constantly be reminded of this when it comes to the hand of God at work in my life. Isaiah 55 is one of my favorites in the whole Bible. This is the JMK version:

Don't waste your time trying to satisfy your needs and curiosities with things that are temporary or meaningless. Make sure your heart is pure, and trust the hand of God.
His ways are higher. He sees the whole parade, you only see one float at a time.
His promises will not go unfulfilled. Wait on him and you will be amazed and filled with joy at what His power can do.

So, all those times that I thought I knew what was going on, or I was having a real hard time being patient and waiting for the next chapter to unfold, all I had to do was wait. All I had to do was be satisfied in knowing that God Is. And that He is working for His Kingdom and my good. Not my convenience or my preference, but my Good. And according to the passage, His thoughts are not my thoughts, so I may have NO IDEA what His definition of GOOD is!

So I come back to a couple of truths so I can know His good when I ask "How Come?"
  1. God's word contains every principle I need.
  2. God gives me common sense to guide by His word to make decisions.
  3. God loves me and will lead me "for His Name's Sake (Psalm 23)". The direction of my life, as long as I am doing MY part to walk faithfully with Him, is guided by His hands. It's His name that is at stake.
I don't have to know the ending of the movie. I can just enjoy the show.

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