Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Anyone for cards?

Procrastinating is so much fun. You get to do things like play solitaire, watch tv, blog...

Here is a list of things I'm avoiding at the moment. I'd rather write about them than actually do them. It's just more interesting.

  • Folding three loads of clothes and starting the next round
  • Organizing the tshirt orders for my 4th graders' upcoming program
  • Turning the tshirt money for said program
  • Retaping the treble clef onto my carpet
  • Cleaning my desk
  • Making seven posters of Mississippi state symbols for program
  • Planning a rehearsal schedule for the program

Some of this, it's probably not very wise that I let go too long. So I'll kick in at the last minute. But this week, I have had the "can't get right's". But you know what makes me feel better?

Solitaire. I think I'll go play some now. I could lesson plan, but .... why?

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